Corruption is one of the feature of this nation, while stating the problem of this nation, corruption always end up being the first, Nigerians are known, home and abroad for corruption and fraud, am sure this is what instigated the statement of the president about Nigerian having a tendency to be corrupt, every Nigerian are quick at point to the ogas at the top, the bosses at the government houses, the senators in the senate chamber, legislators, ministers, police officers and other at the helms of affair as those guilty of corruption, while they exempt themselves from the list. One thing Nigerians don’t know is that corruption is all pervading, and not limited to those privilege few in the arena of power. Almost all Nigerians are guilty of corruption, in fact corruption is much in the grass root of our society, except that unlike the corruption noticed in the ‘high places’, corruption at the grass root is not publicize by the media. It is not until you embezzle billions of Nigeria that you have become corrupt. Corruption start with being unfaithful in little things. These are some of the thing Nigerians do that make them guilty of corruption.

  1. Bribery: Nigerians give bribe to escape the law, the punishment of the law, their duties and obligation. When caught for going against the law, especially traffic laws, they give bribe to get off the hook, they give tips to PHCN officer for their power not to be disconnected when they have not pay their bill. They give bribe to get favours from people in offices, in other to get their matter dealt with. All this they do, for them to later turn around to accuse policemen of taking bribe. A police officer can only take a bribe if you offer him one.
  2. Dishonesty: Nigerian are dishonest, this is a national fact, they are dishonest in business, in social interaction, in fact they are dishonest in all ramification. It is hard to trust a Nigerian. When they do business, they seek for ways to rip people off. A mechanic knows that the problem in your car is a minor one, but he would blow it out of proportion to extort you, Doctor in Government hospital, would give you a wrong diagnose, and then, he advices you to come to his private hospital for proper treatment. This, unknown to them, is corruption.
  3. Tapping of electricity: most Nigerians whose power have been disconnected due to their inability to pay for the service would go ahead to get power from their neighbor, or even have a temporal wire that they hang to the electricity poll which is obvious not authorized. Some would manipulate their meters, thereby causing the meter from reading the actual power consumed.
  4. Fraud: I have seen yahoo-yahoo guys lambast politicians for being corrupt, and then I wonder if this guys wouldn’t do worst when they get to the threshold of power. 419 syndrome is obvious in Nigerian today, one way or the other, we have received phony massages and phone-calls from anonymous fraudsters. Some of us have fallen into their almost meticulous trip
  5. Stealing and lying for personal gain: employee steal things from their boss, lie about what they got from transactions and yet they say they earn this things through hard work. I heard of a Vice Chancellor, who took along with him the rug in his office when he it was time for him to leave office. This is corruption!
  6. Examination malpractice and educational corruption: this is prevalent in all our school today, student, out of desperation adopt illegal way of passing exams, they take incriminating materials into the exam hall for them to pass these exams. Teachers also help this student, they are most time paid to help this student out. The parents of this student support this criminal act. Even in the university, student give thing, in cash and in kind to get lecturer to pass them during examination. This stakeholders: the student, parents, teacher/lecturer would conveniently point to those in government as the only culprit of corruption in Nigerian.
  7. Tax invasion: Nigerians are known for avoiding their duties and regulation to their country, especially in the area of the payment of tax. They don’t pay tax and they expect the government to fix all the problem bewitching the country, with which fund?