The APC government came into the space of power, with having high expectation about the change that was the launch pad for their success at the polls. Nigerian expected that immediate he got into power, things would change for good, and Nigeria would immediately become a country where thing work, a country where there is constant power supply, a country where fuel scarcity would not be heard of, a country with good road and good infrastructure. Motivated by these expectation, and the failure of the past government, Nigerian went with an unusual resolve to the poll to change their lot.

But about then month into the regime of this new government, Nigerian are beginning to doubt the intuition that have made them voted in the new government. The Change mantra, on which the Buhari’s Government had rode into power, to some Nigerian, have been a deliberate gimmick, a phony manipulation of the fragile mind and the suffering of the Nigerian people. This disgruntled feeling by Nigerian is obviously because of the persistence and aggravation of national dilemmas. The issue of fuel scarcity, is one that no doubt erupt rage in the mind of the people, coupled with the issue of erratic power supply, the hardship Nigerian are enduring seems to be beyond what an ordinary man can endure. It is sad that the government cannot provide the need power needed for the people to survive, and there is no fuel for Nigerian to generate this power individually, this situation has led to the feeling of loss in all quarters of the Nigerian society.

Nigerians had their expectation was watered by the promises of the APC government, a lot of promises that seemed like a hoax, one that can be fulfilled by the God himself. Immediately the President Buhari’s Government got into the realm of power, Nigerian’s was expecting their lot to change immediately, with the swipe of the president hand. Nigerian was literarily was expecting the president to perform the magic needed to bring the promises he has made into reality, however, one thing that Nigerians fail to see that the abnormalities in Nigeria cannot the dealt with in a year, even a magician cannot make the problem of Nigeria go away. The president himself has reiterated his promise to restore the country to the path of bliss, but he has stated that he is not a magician and therefore cannot do much in a hurry. The statement made by the Minister of State for Petroleum resources about not being a magician have gotten him into trouble with Nigerian, who felt that he was insensitive to the plight of Nigerian filing for fuel.

The oppositions to the present government have hinged on the situation of the state, the economic downslide, fuel scarcity, erratic electricity and other national problem to paint the government as incompetent and insensitive. This is especially when they juxtapose the present situation with the promises the APC made before they got to the seat of power. The popular statement made by the former Government of Lagos State and the Minister of Power, Work and Housing Babatunde Raji Fashola; “To have stable electricity, vote out PDP” has been the tools used by critics against the government and the minister himself. The opposition, like all watch dogs are doing their job to put the government on her toes, but it is important to note that the realities on ground is beyond the power of a magic-wand. Basically, change cannot be free of charge, change comes with a price, and we should all be ready to pay this price.

The problem of the country have affected the foundation of the nation, And to build the nation, there must be an initial demolition and overhaul of the whole system, which is not likely to be convenient. Before we can get things right in this country, thing has to get rough and worst, the initial status quos need to be dismantled. Change in Nigeria cannot be abrupt, the system which is obviously rotten needs to die for a new working system to reemerge. The system cannot be remedied in a year, not even in four years. We need to be patient, patriotic and individually committed to the change we want to see. It is important that our hope be intact, because, it is obvious that the Federal Government are committed to making Nigeria great again.