I am but a man,

Who wants to wink his wishes

Into reality,

Who, without strive wants to build a clan;

Who wants to have switches;

To switch the world into conformity,

To defy the laws of nature with impunity


I’m but a man,

Who wants to switch night, the sun;

Who wants twelve moons

To dance during the noons,

Just like my kind, I wish Mar don’t burn

And the sun has no ban.


I am but a man, with itches

Who was once convinced the hanging red ball

Ran round the earth wall.

We want the strings to make the world spin

Not to be condemned to annihilation by our gasses of green.

But a man, who wishes

Death was one of those curable diseases

And illnesses come with pleasant eases


I’m but a man,

With wishes that the insane creator was a business partner,

Not a business master.

Like a man, who wish to attempt God’s stunts

And not get the brunts;

To peep into time through his crystal ball

Without a vial or pall.

To watch the future unfold in his plasma.


I am but a man,

Who wish limitations are illusions;

Who builds a utopia in his mind bubble,

A world that is at his command.

But like all men,

I’m born into a maze of restriction,

Where a supreme authority remands

Me to be humble, lest I fumble.