We Chant the only alternative,

Winking and wincing off the usual.

Experience has taught us the odd narrative;

Of failed and arrogant promises made casual

Years of lip and body services.


We went to the moon;

Ransacked the hottest layer of the sun,

In search of a catalyst that will rust burn.

Some progressives offered us one on

On a platter of Change, rustic but not ruin


We thankedĀ  the stars, they promised

Freedom from a decade and six sojourn

At the night of mare, hangover mourn

From the North, came the sage once missed.

Carried on the wings of the West,

Scorned in the south, shunned by the east.


Change caused an upset,

Nigerian cast blind, with inner illumination.

Victory trickled down like Libation,

Hope now hold on the promises set

On the bare bone of Life’s sincere desperation.


Now reality dawn on us like dawn dew.

Promises are mere dust blown by the wind,

Change have backstabbed it promises, some few:

But one promise stand, ‘I am for nobody;

I’m for everybody’,

Definitely not for the leeches on the public hide.