“Women sef, their own too much” my friend would always start with this line whenever he wants to complain about his female boss. “She would not allow me leave for home until after-six, even though there is no work to be done”
Dele has always come back home complaining about his boss, how she love to ride on them like ‘Keke Maruwa’, how she intentional hid the attendance book, so that he and his colleague would sign in late, how she use to magnify small issues, thereby heating up the work environment. Dele told me that this was not so, when the other male boss was in charge. For this reason, Dele have this mindset that women become obnoxious when they get to the threshold of leadership. He also vowed not to vote for any female candidate during elections. I have always thought about this matter, and I acknowledge the fact that women love to assert their authority when they are on the ‘King’s throne’ so to say. But my question has always being that, why do ‘most’ women seem to become highhanded when they get to the place of authority? 

Women are known to be compassionate, caring and always gentle, always considerate, their sacrifices, as always being a second to none as regard those they love. R-Kelly capture this tender side of a woman in his song “When a woman loves”. A woman passion cannot be compare to anything, they are meticulous when they shower their mesmerizing emotion of affection. This goes to say, that they are a special kind of human breed. When they show love to their children, they do it without holding back, life for them is all about people that build up their wall of existence. When they display their affection to their lover, it must time. causes the world to marvel, their love is usually un-conditional, even though sometime, their spouses are meant to reciprocate, they does not mind (in most cases) if they fall short. Love for them means giving without holding back.

However, there is a side of them that seem to project them as being stern. I have heard stories and series of complain about how women in authority turn out to be obnoxious, I am not trying to assert that all women are tough and unfriendly when they become the boss, especially over male subordinate, but, most people, Male and female alike complain of how their female superior seems to be a thorn in their flesh. I have experienced this personally, and I understanding, that without generalizing, that women seems to be hard to please.

Even though people would argue that my inference is false, the fact still remains that must women in leadership position have poor working relationship with their subordinate, this is what I have experience firsthand, even the women under them would prefer to work under a male boss because male bosses are usually understanding. One thing I have always learn about a woman is are endless desire for attention and respect: they want to be acknowledge. Even your spouse would want to lord her will on you. I can still recall my service year vividly, I and some other colleague were posted to my work station, to be supervised by a women, I still remember her misrule, she would always come late to work, and she still want use to resume as early as possible, she complained about everything, most time she threaten not to clear us for the month, she will only sign the monthly clearance when she sees us on our kneels pleading and begging, and remember, there is no incentive from the organization we are working for.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there are no great women who have a perfect working relationship with their subordinates, but most of these women are hard in their interaction. Some might say that she is transferring the aggression she has bottled up from home at her workplace, on her juniors, others would say that the gin of power has bewitched her mind against those working under her, in fact, some subordinate would conclude that she is trying to cover her shortcomings in the work arena with a ridiculous toughness. However, one of my former lecturer has his own opinion on this issue, he opine that women tend to become tough when they get to leadership position to prove to their subordinate (especially the male) that they can ‘handle the wheel of power without any hitch’, especially if she is privileged to be in that exhorted position. According to him, women are usually paranoid, they are always suspicious of the antics of the males in the work environment, they feel that this male don’t want them there, and therefore looking for a way to unseat her, for this reason, she asserts the power at her disposal to stem any form of rebel against her. Well, i think I agree with my former lecturer’s submission, because, I can still remember the story I read of how a female level 17 officer in the civil service (who was holding a privileged position) slapped a colleague of the same level for questioning her decision.

This write-up is not to discredit women and their leadership instinct and prowess, it is merely out to state the obvious. I’m not against woman holding leadership positions, or holding political offices, in fact, women have shown prowess in leadership, the likes of Dr.Dora Akunyili, have shown us how women can be catalyst of change in their enclave, how there toughness can be translated into zeal and passion to get the job done. There have, in time past, been clamours for a female president, this, I vehement subscribe to, even though Dele would oppose this; because I believe that a woman in such position of power would put their toughness, compassion, passion, zeal and sincerity to play in the way she carries out her duties, this is why I’m am backing Hillary Clinton ahead of the American Presidential Election come November. Even though, I would not be privilege to vote, I would definitely lend my voice to support her, because, her conquest as the first female President of the United State of America, would open unimaginable doors of possibility for women in other country who would like to get to the threshold of power of this magnitude. 

However, with all these being said, women needs to know that they do not have their enemies as subordinates, neither do they have nonentities as Juniors, therefore they need to cultivate the culture of respect and appreciation for those under them, female superiors should be open and understanding to all for them to make more impact in their work environment. 

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