A wise man once define democracy -as we know it in Nigeria, as the craze of the many as a result of the demo of frivolity by the few in the seat of power.  Nigerian democracy is a caricature display of gullibility of Nigerian, especially the electorate. Nigerian Politicians have secrets passage into the heart of mostly gullible Nigerian. Nigerians are like children who can be cajoled with sweet spicy words. Parents would promise their children to get them things, including thing they don’t have money to get, for this proposal, the children would be asked to be diligent, without asking questions, they would abide diligently to their side of the deal, at the end of the day, their parents fail to get them what they had promised, but before long, they are over the disappointment, but their faith in their parents is still intact. I recall that my father promised to get my brother a bicycle if he could top his class, my brother worked really hard, and he indeed made it. But, my father gave excuses for not meeting his own end of the deal.

This illustration portrays how children-sensed Nigerians are. Nigerians are fed the same chunk of recycled promises every election cycle, but, we buy into the promised, with a diehard hope, which I would say, is made in Nigeria. There is no doubt that these promises are sour, but our 419 orientated politicians recook these sour promises and then feeds us with it. These promises have been made by politician before the advent of military regimes, from the first democracy regime to the second and third, politicians made promises of stable electricity, good roads, qualitative education, adequate security and other promises which are merely lip services  and obviously a play on Nigerian intelligence. Right from the very beginning, these are the promises that Nigerians have had to hopelessly accept with a grimace of a forced hope. Observant Nigerians would be forced to assume that these politicians have deliberately conspired to defraud and fool Nigerian, the politician class, has deliberately decide to deprive the people of social amenities so that they may have reasons to make promises as regards the failed system, thereby creating a desperation that prompt Nigerians to give their votes on the premises of their malicious promises.

Power hurting Politicians usually use the fear and weakness of the Nigerian people. The fear of marginalization has been one great tool employed by desperate politicians to get electorate to do their bidding. No tribe wants to be marginalized, so therefore, they are force to give power to one they think would be a savior. Religious extremism is also a weakness politicians exploit. They play on the mind of the people to get their favour in the polls. This inevitably leads to madness and violence at various scale. This is why violence in Nigeria is no doubt associated with sentiments. This is obvious in the display of election madness as a reaction for the demonstration put out by politician, just for the stipend they get, and the tribal, and religious bias that seem to be regulating our people’s choose of a candidate.

Like everything we know, Nigerian have a special hope manufacturing mechanism. With millions of worries and quagmire Nigerians seemed to be living with, we still have a special national hormone that emit happiness. Before every major election, Nigerian would gather their optimism to vote for a future that is guaranteed by the promises of those seeking their political mandate.  They vote with a surging fountain of the hope of a brighter next four years. They line at the poll with resolve, even though they might be induce by financial incentive or the popular stomach infrastructure as we know it in must section of the Nigerian political sphere. But, after our political titans have been favoured by the people’s finger, they turn out to be mediocre in satisfying the expectation of the people, but outstanding in the inflation of their asset and initially enormous egos.

Just as an ill-fated farmer would groan after a bad harvest, and how a Yoruba man would feel bereaved after losing all he has to Baba-Ijebu Lotto, Nigerian also count their loss a few month after these so called leaders start their disservice to them and the failure to fulfill the promise they had made periods preceding the elections. With these, Nigerians lament the hope and effort they had invested to guarantee a bright four years after, and how they have not yielded any iota of fulfillment. However, Nigerian being a country of happy people, hopes are not all lost, Nigerian once again, gradually gather their hopes like previous years, lurking, with silent outcry, waiting for another election cycle for them to use the only civil power the constitution has afforded them, with the grudge plated resolve to upset selfish and failed politician from the high horse of power. It is however, unfortunate that the zeal driving the people is usually compromised at the eve of the election, with sweet lies and election gift or souvenir by ‘money bag’ politicians. At the end of the day, powers are handed over to undesiring people for different reason, and not because of their competent. The deplorable situation is heighten by the weed of tribal, religious and social sentiments electorate are hypnotized with, which sadly instigate them into violence during election.

This is obviously the craziness in Nigerian model of democracy. Sometimes, one consider the African model of Democracy as a refurbished African autocracy, a democracy that is not determined by the freeness or fairness of the outcome of elections, or by the sincerity or merit of a candidate, but by the money and power at the disposal of the lords of the country’s political terrains. poverty, ignorance, deception have been the tools employed by those desperately looking to hijack political power. This model of democracy is far from that which the father of Modern democracy, Abraham Lincoln Advocated for. To perfect our election processes, a lot needs to be done, Nigerians need to understand what the concept of Democracy really means, what it entails. They need to know that they have in their thumbs the power to effect the change they are seeking, they need to know that this so called politician are accountable to them, Above all they need to do away with the crazes that seems to be killing this fragile Democracy.

Image Credit: www.elombah.com