According to the creation account of the world in genesis, the first book of the scripture of the Christian faith, God was portrayed, to be an artist, who painted the world to life with his words. He took his time to make different aspect of nature at intervals, crafting a world out of his imagination with ease, like a set designer he had set the stage for the script of the movie he had written on the tablet of his mind. God was meticulous enough to know the right time to introduce different element into the layer of the universe. He knew the importance of light on the sustainability of his creation, that he made this element the first, and in fact a priority. He created the beast of the earth and other animals after he created the vegetation, because he knew that the animals will starve if they we created before green vegetation were created the next day.

God had planned the world with immerse detail from the very beginning, at the end of creation, he created a more superior being, with a pronounced and sophisticated faculty to manage all that he had created- He created man; Though he had created Man last, God placed  Man at the fore-front of his handiwork. God mandated Adam to be a superintendent over the all he had created, God said to Adam in Genesis chapter 1 and  number 28 “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion” this was the edge humans needed to have the world in their grips and for their pleasure.  Adam initially realized his role in the scheme of thing of God and his vital role in creation, that he saw the Garden of Eden as a personal venture, he tended for all the vegetation passionately, he planted, watered and weeded, he named and took great care of the animals around him, and it was recorded that he had given them the name that the bare today. He developed an intimate relationship with different beasts without discrimination and without any hidden agenda, even when he had a  partner. He was in fact a great example of a man with an immense understanding of the world he lived in him. He nurtured the garden like his own life, as least before he was ejected from the garden.

Millenniums after this privileged mandate, I cannot help but wonder if we are indeed doing our best in managing the earth that have been offered to us on a platter of gold, are humans taken responsibility of the home that no doubt seemed to be a priced procession?. However, after a careful understanding of the present situation of the universe, I have come to realize that we are failing, and we are on the brink of plunging our world into a one great topsy-turvy. We have literary abused our world to a very great extend and the opportunity we were given to manage this once immaculate and ideal universe.

Scientist have be crying their warning about the effect of our activities on the universe. Scientist have preached like a voice in the wilderness, calling our attention to the grievous repercussion of our activities on the ambiance and life of the earth, but like the people who lived during the days of Noah, we have intentionally glued our ears in other no to hear the massage of doom. Our desire to fulfill the wishes of our heart, to make our life comfortable without the consideration of other occupants of the docile universe and even the universe herself has precipitated a ripple that have triggered off a time bomb that is now haunting us.

You will agree with me that our greed and selfishness have crippled our sense of judgment, all we think about his ourselves. He have not in any way considered any other living entity during our decision making process. One thing have learnt about leadership is that a leader always considers his subordinate during his decision making process. But as the Universe captain, we have failed to consider the repercussion of our actions on other innocent being. One resounding instance is the black cloud of global warming hanging over our heads. He have not shown any regard for our environment, green gasses is introduced into the atmosphere without us acknowledging the impact of our action on the Ozone Layer, we dump dirt indiscriminately into drainages, this have caused flooding in time past. Tree are being cut down without replacement, to beautify our environment and to make life easy for us, not minding the fact that our action is depriving other living being of their homes and lives. Even though we were given the irrevocable license to hunt and eat for food, animals, However, the impunity we are presently enjoying have droving us into killing harmless animal, which might not be a threat to our existence. I have always made specific reference to the different testing of atomic bombs in the Pacific Ocean by different countries, I can only imagine the number of sea animals that were victim of this cruel experiment. Wars have turned must part of the green forests and natural site into waste land.

Another abuse that seemed so unfair is the fact that human have gone ahead to tame beast for self-pressure. These animals would have preferred to be left in peace in the wild. Some are caught to be killed in what we something refer to as sport. African in fact have strange behaviors, especially as regards their consumption of anything they see and can see, even insect with little or no flesh. The gluttony of African can be likened to a child’s craving for stones, African can consume a day old chick if they are no watched. I cannot pin point the reason for this attitude, but I think human should give other creature enough space to live and survive in this eerie world.

I think it is time for human race to stand up to her responsibility of a big brother and not a bully, It is time for us to make God proud and not to bit his fingers as a result of our ingratitude. It his time to preserve our world, it is time to stop the indiscriminate falling of trees, it is time to stop the introduction of green gasses into the atmosphere, it is time to conserve our natural reserve, it is time to conserve the universe for our future generation, so that they would not live in misery when the world wean out as a result of the motions we have triggered. It is time we realize that we are not the only inhabitant of this earth, we have other neighbor whose privacy and uniqueness should be respected, though they are subjugated to us. It is time to redeem ourselves, it is not too late to repair this world, the only solution, however, is to go green, it is time to plant trees, it is time to reduce the level of carbon we emit to the atmosphere, let stop unnecessary burning of fossil. It is time to heed the warning of elders, let us respect our universe. Plant a tree Today!


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