Nobility is assumed to be a very important characteristics of leaders, it is that quality that distinguishes people of extraordinary status from laymen. Nobility in a man is usually inferred by the speeches and the deed of a noble man. Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron has shown himself to be an epitome of Nobility in our contemporary world. He Resigned honourably, not because he abused the power of the office he was occupying, or mismanaged or embezzled public fund, but because he failed to influence his countrymen from voting to exit the European Union. This value, however, doesn’t work in Nigeria.

It is obvious that rascally behaviour is not exclusive to the Agberos in Lagos, the Hoodlums in Aba, the Area boys in Warri or the Almajiris in Kano. We also have rascals as Law Makers, it is only that they are privileged to be educated and to be elected into the hallowed Chambers of the legislative. It is a shame that those who should be an example of moral uprightness for the youth of this country, are those flaunting their stupidity and immorality. In the past, we have seen a lot of physical Assort and violence in the houses of Legislature throughout the country.

Nigerian Legislator who came and bear the title Honourable have failed to display nobility. The speaker of the Nigerian House of Representative, Yakubu Dogara spat on the faces of Nigerians calling for his resignation when he said “I will not Resign, Budget Padding is not a Crime”. This came after he was accused by a disgruntled member of the Lower chamber Abdulmunin Jubril, of inserting some illegal quotations in the Budget Assented by the president, or to say it raw, he padded the Budget. He didn’t just Justify what he did, he saw no reason why he should resign his seat, has the leader of the Lower Chamber. Initially the speaker denied this allegation vehemently, and also asked his accuser to come forward with evident, but after the Speaker knew that he had no hiding place he came out to justify his obviously illegal addition to the budget. His initial denial and justification shows that his nobility was died. This is obviously that Nigerians don’t resign they are forced out.

If this is happening in the House of Assembly, there is an even higher probability that more of these is happening on a bigger scale in the Senate Chamber. This seems to be obvious when the Senate President, Bukola Saraki decide not to publicly condemn this illegal activities. The Legislative Arm of Government in Nigeria has not experienced the Nobility inherent in the Change agenda, that accompanied the APC government into power. Event in resent time in the chambers of the Nigerian Federal Legislative have shown us that those parading themselves as honourables are mere rascals entrusted with public power. The media has been engorged by the news of misbehaviors of those who are to uphold the sanctity of the constitution of the country. They are set of people who have either corrupted the power they were given, or allow power to corrupt them. The level of impunity that seems to be shielding those in these chambers has given have promoted lawlessness in that political realm.

Another instance of the perversion in the legislative realm is the threat Dino Malaye a serving dished out on the floor of the Senate Chamber, against a Female Colleague, Senator Remi Tinubu, the Kogi State Senator threatened to beat and even impregnate a female Senator, who was not just married, but, in fact the wife of the one founding Fathers of his Political Party. This obviously portrays a lot of moral decadence in the Senate Chambers, as that particular outburst did not attract any penalty against this erring Male Senator by the chamber, this disheartening incident was swept under the carpet. The event that led to this confrontation between these senators speak of the self-centeredness of those in the senate. The senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki seems to be using the house as a personal battle axe to fight off the forgery case against him, with the help of his gang in the senate, led by Senator Dina Malaye.  There is no hiding the fact that Dr. Bukola Saraki has turned his case in the Law Court into a vendetta between the legislative arms and the Executive and Judiciary of the country.

Nothing seems to be done on that matter. Also the accusations leveled against the three Members of the House of Representatives by the Ambassador to the United States of America, have shown the nonchalant attitude of the Government to the crimes of those in the Legislative. It is no doubt shameful for those in power to literally destroy the Image of the country in such manner without being punished for it.

The Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron, got many Nigerians angry and when he misfired by saying that Nigerians are “Fanatically Corrupt”, the bitter truth, though, might be hard to accept is that Corruption, not just in the sense of embezzlement and mismanagement of public fund, but also moral corruption is at the height of it all. Moral Corruption is the graver of the two. Both kind of corruption seems to be ripping us apart as a nation. Politician, have always called us fools for voting us into power. With all the Public fund they accrue as their own, they have no shame of hiding their disservice to our beloved country. From the obvious, both corruption has the power to erode the mental faculty of man who once displayed a high moral sense of judgment. It can revert trusted man into unrelenting criminals.

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