The American election has come and gone, but it is left Americans with a new POTUS, one who would lead the American people for the next four years. Donald Trump has been favor by the votes of American to be the 45th president of the world most powerful country on earth.  The election was historic because the election evolved sentiments from all part of the world. It is not surprising that the election projected America in the light we have never seen in years. The two contender for this prestigious post – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been two parallel line that cannot meet. While Donald Trump paraded himself as an obnoxious billionaire whose policies seem to be far-fetched, Hillary is known for her daring and ambitious nature one that seems to challenge the status qua, a woman whose tracks record has been a testimony to her resilient in the face of tribulation and storm.

However, her track record obvious was not good enough to prompt Americans to accord her the political mandate to steer the ship of the country. Hillary has been favored to win the election by the minority in the United States, and keen watchers in other regions of the world, who feel the choice of president by the USA has a lot to do with their existence. Nigerians are not left out of this sentiment. 95 per cent of Nigerians seems to pitch their tent behind the democratic candidate. This reason for the support is not unconnected to the disposition of the Republican candidate towards the minorities in the country. His pompous status has placed him at odd with many, including African.

Trump emergence as the president of the United State is unprecedented and surprising to Africans, especially to Nigerian in indeed to the keen fan of Hillary. Nigerians have always seen Hillary as the only way to go, especially after the cruel statements trump made about African. Women were also urged to go the Hillary way, especially when they know Trump has a bad record when it comes to his relationship with women. Revelations have come to limelight during the build up to the election about his discriminating behavior toward women. Hillary on the other hand has made it her life’s duty to protect the right of women and children. Her popular statement “woman right are human right” has cemented her place in the list of great advocates for human/woman right. Media all over the world has also being kind to Hillary in a seeming bias way. Trump has said during the build up to the election that if Hillary won, the election got rigged by the media. This is as a result of the favorable light in which Hillary was projected. Basically, Hillary was the love of Nigerians and African because she was a bonding factor, a unifying factor that is loved by all.

However, Americans shocked the world, Americans shocked Nigerian, they voted for the guy we gave no chance, they voted for a man who have threatened to build a wall between the United States and other neighboring country, in fact, a wall that would make the united State a prohibited zone for immigrate all over the world. He had publicly declared that he “will ban all Muslim”, he has also declared his disgust for African, Africans, according to him are lazy but good at sex. The choice of the American people have complied Nigerians to rethink the maturity and morality of the American populace. Nigerians wish they also have a say in the matter. The unprecedented concern of Nigerian shows that they, in one way or the other the most populace black nation in the world has a stake in the American societies. Unfortunately, it is not Nigerians decision to make, Americans have voted their choice.

While most Nigerians are disappointed about the electoral choices of a people miles away from their territory, it is important to know that history has being made. Donald Trump might be the worst person for the job, his temperament might be out of place, but I believe that the realities of his position as the new elected head of state would prompt him into maturity. The weight of the shoes he would be stepping into would beat him into shape and fine tune him into a president that would at least be reasonable in his deal with his people and the people of the world. He has a lot to learn about tolerance and respect for people, nevertheless, there is a lot gems buried in his person. The fact is that he has being elected as the president of the most powerful country in the whole world would not cause Nigeria to seize from existence.

While Nigerians believe that the disposition of the new president would affect the mutual relationship Nigeria has with the USA, it is important to see some obscure silver lining in the cloud of trump’s victory. If Nigeria/US relationship deteriorate, Nigeria, would inevitably learn to look inwards for solution to her problem instead of looking up to a nation that only care about her ego. Donald might look like a hornless monster, but there is a lot to learn from his person. A man whose will is as strong as a horse. All the world anticipating is a new America that would continue to play her leadership role in the world’s politics. Nigerians need to accept the choice of the American people, because it is not our choice to make.

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