Our eyes flicker in this endless darkness

Because the tripartite rivers flow no more,

Or corruption flows the more

In an unprecedented race.


Our days are always night.

Even the gods of light

Have been monopolized by them.

Those who suck the blood

From the Elephant’s hem.

The Elephant is dying,

From the plague of hilarious patriot cancer

Condemned the more by the east raising.


Beast of a nation, big, clumsy, without any benefit

The horses clinging to the arm, are mere beast

Of burden, carrying Barak’s load.

Eagle’s hoot as though a domesticated life

Its body fluid lubricate the kitchen knife

Our soil once fed the pyramid

But our soil’s oil have soiled our soil’s meed


The Elephant has her leg to the bucket.

Scavengers hover, hoot, hurt and watch;

Some went to get her a customized casket,

Some want to split the spoils for lunch,

Some wish they could place her on life support.

Others mourn the un-dead dead

On the last ascenders’ port.