There is no doubt that National Youth Service Corp, is a shield for Nigerian young Graduate from the harsh realities of unemployment and the economic uncertainty. This national program, which was established to foster unity and patriotism among Nigerian youth, have more advantages than its disadvantages. One of which is that the program givesĀ  Nigerian Graduates a recess and opportunity to gather the skills, the courage and empowerment to face the hurdles and reality of Nigeria labour market. However most Corp members end up failing to do some certain things that would make their search for bliss and fulfillment after NYSC; This, they regret after they leaving the service. Ex-Corper fail to do the following.

  1. They fail to acquire Skills:

Vocational and work skills is obviously of immense benefit, but is needed as a leverage in the real world of uncertainty. Vocational skills, such as hairdressing, photography, tailoring etc., can keep ex-Corp member going until he or she get some better Job opportunity, or in fact through this skill, a small venture can be initiated. However, Corp member are carried away by frivolities, thereby leaving the service with regret.

  1. Acquisition of Professional Certificate: professional Certificate are important, in that it had value to our resume. But Corp members fail to understand the important professional Certificate in management, Project Management, customer relation and the rest. Procrastination most time, debar corp members from seeking and getting necessary certification needed to get their dream jobs
  2. They fail to get shoes and corporate wears: Corp member spend their allowee on wears that is basically not corporate enough,
  3. They fail to save for the raining day: Most Corp member eat with all their fingers, they spend all they earn without the thought of saving for life after service.
  4. They fail to build relations: relationship building is one important things Corp member have taken for granted. Members meet a lot of people during service, the relationship we build with this people can change our lives.