I stood right in front of the Anglican Church, wondering why I had decided to torture my aggrieved mind by coming for this wedding ceremony. My council of friend in the usual seating had ask if I had heard about the wedding. They already know that I know, but they wanted to infer if I was excited or if I felt something other than excitement.

“I don’t think you should go” Bimbo had said with her tiny voice

“she as to, to prove to everyone that she has nothing against him” the Big auntie among us said, she has always being known for her wisdom in dealing with situations about relationship, and her will is the gavel in the council, even though she is still unmarried at the age of 38.

The issue was debated, but I just shrugged to show my indifference, even though, I was still surprised that I wouldn’t be the lady in the white glamorous gown.

Today the 7th of April, my heart was heavy, my shoulder sagged, and I dragged my feet as I step into the heavily decorated church hall. This is the sort of auditorium that I had envisage for my wedding. Apart from wanting to be an Interior designer, I wanted to be a Mrs., it was an ambition above any other. As I paced to my seat, I saw those who knew my story, flash their cold smile at me, and I, reluctantly, wore a dead grimace. I noticed their probing eyes, their faint gossip and their treacherous jest. I felt I was hemorrhaging, and I might faint at I took each step. I could only hate my besties and Big Aunty with her big will.

“Lara, go for the ceremony, if it’s only the church section you can attend, it will be nice” Big auntie said, when she called this morning.

“Shola, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.” I had replied, though, I felt like clearing my doubt by attending, I wanted to be sure that it is the same Tobiloba that I know, that is getting married. Though, I knew my emotion was too fragile to compose itself.

“You will survive, remember he sent you the invitation personally, I am sure he would like you to be there” Shola persuaded, I took her words, and I am here today.

Immediately, I set my eyes on him, tears began to form in my eyes. Tobiloba was as usual smiling, his smile was as bright as the morning star, his teeth sparkle like diamonds, and his gray suit defined his macho beyond words. I felt I had seen an angel and not a man. I wished he was waiting for me, to put the ring on it, but this is probably in my sour dreams. I felt distraught like a business man who have invested all he has in a business ventures and have going nothing out of it. I once invested my love in Tobiloba. I knew I had been cheated by my own anger. In no time, all my memory of lost flooded back into my bereaved mind, I could not but have the feeling that I had lost Tobiloba, and I am presently staring at his corpse.

I could still remember his teasing, his gentle kisses, and his warm jokes, I could recall vividly the day he proposed, and the ill-fated day life deposed us, or perhaps the day the serpent turned our garden of sweet dreams to one with nightmare. However, unlike the old story, it wasn’t Eve that was caught in the trap of the serpent, but Tobiloba, he fell into the sensual trap of the serpent, a person who paraded herself as my best friend. She crept into our Eldorado and burnt it down with her filthy canal. I wish never got to know about their unfaithfulness, but I caught them making live in her house.

I became mad, my anger erupted like a volcano, I shot Tobiloba out of my life. He sought for all means to apologize, his apology was sincere, but, I couldn’t understand the reason why he has to demonstrate his infidelity with my friend. My hate for him grew when I recall the naked image of him on top of my girlfriend. I wish I could let my anger go, but my pride would not let me. Now, my lost is another lady’s gain. Today, the same pride that has made me lost him, has inspired me to curtail my emotion. I refused to spill tears, at least not here at this holy matrimony. But it is certain that I would cry my eyes out when I get to the haven of my flat. However, I have decided to like him go, because he is a good man. I am now ready to give him my best regard, though, I knew that this regard would have been better, if I was the lady in the white gown, walking up the podium to be husbanded by him.

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