Girls are weighed down by restrictions, boy with demands—two equally harmful disciplines,” Simone De Beauvoir.

“My father did not allow us his female children attend school, some of my brothers were not interested in it anyway”, My grandmother said, she smiled showing off some of her toothless gum. Her ability to recount event amaze me, she was skillful in telling stories in such a way she hides the catharsis in between the lines. I wonder how outstanding she would have been as a writer or even an actress. “I would have done better than my bothers if I was educated” she added, this, I agree to. Even without the privilege of an education she was an industrious woman, she had her canteen business, during her time,  she was very successful, we can only imagine the height she would have attained if only she had being educated. Her deprivation of basic education as a result her been a female had ridden her to ordinariness.

Gander inequality is not exclusive to any race, culture, people, or tribe, it is a generic feature of almost human societies. It is an issue that calls for concern. The African Culture has perpetually seen it has a duty to restrict and tie the female gender to the kitchen and off-course the other rooms.

However, this year seem to be peculiar, in the sense that the world saw several examples of how women can spearheaded unprecedented commitment to ensure good leadership in their countries. One of such cases, was the courage of the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Mohammed, to publicly criticize her husband for some of his political decision. Although, the president’s reaction to her opinion was generally considered as inappropriate, however, this act totally points to the fact that the thought of women should not die inside of her.  Aisha is an example for all African women.

The Appointment of Amina J. Mohammed as the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nation is a pointer to the fact that our world is gradually getting over the craze of gender restriction. It should be recalled that the Outgone Secretary General of the United Nations had vehemently advocated that he wanted a female to succeed him. His concern for the gender inclusion is based on the changing perception of civilize men about the abilities of the female folks to make things happen. Women such as Hillary Clinton and May Theresa of the United State of America and England respectively have being an example.

The dream of having a female president in the Number one democracy in the world (America) hundred years ago, could be compared to the sun shining at night, as the women in the state were still fighting and clamoring for the right to vote during election. Hillary Clinton was close to stepping into the shoe of power that have been the birthright of the male folks in the United State. She weathered the storm and gave the President Elect, Donald Trump a run for his money. Giving the female folks a reason to aspire for any position that they so desire.  May Theresa, the second Female prime Minister of the United Kingdom would also reinstate the fact that there are possibilities for all gender. Hillary Clinton is not new to the American Polities, neither is May Theresa, the new Prime Minister of United kingdom, a newcomer in the United Kingdom political enclave, they have being active despite the huge stress and discomfort that seems to be associated with the Male dominated political realm of their country. Michel Obama acknowledged the fact that Hilary Clinton is more experienced that Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and even her husband (Barak Obama). Hillary Clinton and May Theresa have being models for women in their country, their courage have been for long the strength of women like them in Politics. They have succeeded in sanding a strong massage to women and men alike, that there is barrier to the heights a person can get to, no matter their gender.

Hillary Clinton might have lost the election, for the world’s most powerful office, but she would always be a source of inspiration to women all over the world, she took up the gauntlet, in the face of fierce opposition, knowing fully well that she was trying to achieve a feat that has never being attempted in the American history. Hillary virtually got the support of every human being outside the country, especially women and children, she was tipped to be the next American President, and she gave Donald Trump a run for his money. An achievement that would have quake history, if she had won that election. She basically proved to the world that women can make things happen.

With the appointment of women into key position world organizations, such as the recently appointed Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura, the secretary of FIFA and others this year, the fight for equal opportunities for all genders is paying off, however, there is the need for nations of the world, especially African country, to key into this campaign. The feat achieved by Finland should be reciprocated all over the world, Finland remains the First country to grant voting rights to women far back in the early 20th century, Finland also have policies that ensures Gender inclusion in every aspect of the society including political realm of the country. Finland became the first country to have females as Prime Minister and President in 2006. A lot still needs to be done to ensure that women are not preyed upon in our stereotyped societies, and there dreams are not subjugated to the will of the so-called stronger gender. It is time we see the possibility of the female folks being the solution for our world which is at the brink of collapse.