Without being skeptical, we are accustomed to the celebration of this festive period known as Christmas. In other words, clothes have started intimidating shoes, chickens ending up imprisoned, decorations capturing our milieu, roads are busy, markets get congested, parties and jams everywhere etc.

You will agree with me that some individuals are perplexed on how to get money by all means just to meet up, others are bewildered as to how they will catch fun to the fullest, malevolent activities increases on the pages of our dailies, Children and unabashed youths are desperately demanding from their poor folks, to mention but a few, All in the name of Christmas.

To me, I think it is simply a season of love not a jamboree. The best way to celebrate it is to see your neighbor as an extension of yourself. It’s not about showing off, it’s about showing love, Share the good deeds not only the good foods. Celebrate the season according to your capability not the annual capacity. We shouldn’t be “Christmasly insane” let’s be moderate, cut your coat according to your size, what matters most is the reason for the season.

Ask these questions, what is the basic significance of Christmas? What is the historical antecedent of this celebration? What are the features characterizing this yuletide? If you can’t answer the foregoing correctly, then you are celebrating a misconstrued yuletide.

First Published: https://zaccheausgbengaayobami.wordpress.com