Christine Izuakor, is a trailblazer, and an inspiration to us!

On December 17 2016, Christine completed her PhD ( Security Engineering) at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, becoming the youngest person and first African-American woman to do so at the university (27 years old).

As a reward for her hardwork, Christine became the Vice President of Gen Trend, United Airlines. She was also published in several international journals, and spoke at several other conferences in Rome, Italy; and Washington, DC.

She achieved all these in the past year, while working a full time job.

Christine, speaking to BellaNaija, left a piece of advice for other young men and women out there: “Dare to dream, and be brave enough to execute,” she says.

“Too often we, especially women, fear failure, what people will think, or not having all of the right answers. I think that inhibits our ability to dream beyond what those before us have done. Many instead get stuck in doing what’s ‘expected’ of us from parents, society, our cultures, etc. Those elements are important to acknowledge and honor, but can sometimes be limiting in today’s world. So, I encourage everyone to dare to dream bigger than ever before. And equally important, have the courage to execute and pursue those dreams relentlessly,” Christine added.

Congrats Christine! Keep making us proud.

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