I grew up with a notion that celebration of birthday is a frivolities that is not worth its fuss. That annual anniversary is a day like every other day that has the sun ruling the day and the moon lording over the night. I sometimes lambast those who spend extravagantly to celebrate this special day, because it is just a day!

However, there have being a shift in my orientation in recent time, not because I now see reasons as to why we should celebrate that special day or why we should spend all our saving to gratify our urge to make that day memorable with intense feasting. But then, I realize that the birthday of any person is a special and monumental date in the life of such a person, which should be appreciated and acknowledged, because it just a day in the entire calendar of the year.

On this day years back, I saw for the first time the light of the world. Today, basically provokes joy and gratitude. It is also a time that instigate reflection and ruminant on my mistakes and misfortune, and also to appreciate things that make me happy and fulfilled. Today I acknowledge my little achievements, purpose, dreams and I set new goals as I vie to circumvent another year in my life circle.

This is what it means to be a year older today.

  1. It indicates that I am getting stronger, maturing as I get older. My understanding of life has gone beyond what it initially was.
  2. Today makes me realize that I am a step closer to achieving those dreams and goals that I am nurturing in my heart for long. Every day is a step toward my desired destination.
  3. I also realized that today affords me another opportunity to start all over again. An opportunity to re-strategize and to step up to those challenges that seems unfillable.
  4. Today ushers me another grace to rededicate my life to God and humanity.
  5. My birthday is an opportunity to be grateful for the good gift of life and to acknowledge the influence and effort of God almighty in my life.