All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” Michael John Bobak


The worst thing that can happen to a man is the illusion that the successes that he has already attained is gratifying and fulfilling enough. Premature satisfaction of little achievement is as dangerous as a mind disease because it cripples the incentive to do more, it makes a person rot while he/she is alive. Where there are little or no competitions there is the likelihood that those in such environment would become too comfortable and relax. They are exempted from the pressure to get better, or to beat their previous record. It is customary to these docile folks – the has-beens”- to make reference to what they have achieved a or two decade back, their Resumes are archaic and obsolete because the last time they upgraded it was when they had the job they are presently on.

In my own opinion, the worst job a person can opt for is a civil service job especially one in Nigeria. I am sorry to say, but Civil servants seem so spoilt and redundant, because the system does not demand them to up their game. They are not encourage to personally beat their previous records. I must confess at this point that some Civil servants are passionately thriving to get better day after day, however, some are satisfied with the degree they bagged two decades back. The recent suspension of some permanent secretaries in Ekiti State for incompetency gives us a clue as to how the sense of security in Civil service jobs have degraded the sense of competition in the civic service in Nigeria. Civil Servants know that as long as they are on the job, they would be promoted, they don’t need to present certificate for them to enjoy automatic promotion

You must have heard some Nigerian worker say “this is my 20th year on this job, so don’t question me” or “I have been on this job before you were born” when you question their method of carrying out their duties or ask question for proper understanding. Than you wonder if they are better than a fresher on the job with all their years of experience: They do the same thing over and over again without infusing method innovations. Some individuals might have spent 20 years on a particular job, however, they have had only one year experience 20 time. This shortcoming is due to the fact that these folks fail to see the need to expand the horizon of their career by developing and upgrading their skills and experience.

We all know that when a flowing water seizes to flow, such water body would be stagnant, when this happens, there is the danger that the economic benefits of such water would diminish. Every stagnant water would inevitably be a breeding ground for all manner of pest. So also is this illustration applicable to every person that fails to develop himself. It is both stupid and counterproductive for a person to relay on the knowledge, certificate or degree he/she has acquired several years back. The world is moving in such hasty spin that if you fail to move with the world you will be left stranded and out of date. For anybody to remain productive and relevant in his/her chosen career, there is the need to keep a fanatical tab on happenings in the world especially as regards your chosen field.

Most young graduates leave their various Universities, some are fortunate enough to have gainful employment immediately, while others are not that fortunate. However, the problem remains that must graduates are satisfied with their achievement after the first degree, while the few academic Oliver Twist are struggle to accumulate more feathers for their academic caps, those who are satisfied with their position would ask why they decided to go through the stress while they can rely on the academic successes they have initially attained. This is one of the reason why young graduate are street-ridden: without jobs – Premature achievements.

One disadvantage of getting too relax and comfortable with your status quo is that one would not be able to know the extent he can go. Until you pull an elastic string to the extreme, you might not know it could survive such length without snapping. Until you decide to go to any length in your academic or career pursuant, you might not know you could attain such heights without quitting. Some brilliant individuals have halted their quest to attain all there is to attain, when they land their first good paying job. They stop vying to be a member of professional bodies they once propose to be, they stop thinking of furthering on a course they are so keen on. They lay the excuse for quitting their quest on their job, nevertheless, the truth is they could have gone far if they put their mind to it.

Education and learning don’t end, as far as you are living. Getting better in all our endeavor should be our priority. Self-development is quite important. This is why, firms that understand the important of training would always ensure that their staff are continually competitive and upgraded through programs, seminars, courses, and the rest, which they sponsor.  Unfortunately not all establishments see it as a point of duty to sponsor the development of their staffs, especially the junior staff. Nevertheless, it is the duty of every individual to position himself/herself in a pedestrian when he/she would be sought for as a luminary in his field, this can be done by self-development.

Mark Twain Words “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.” Is a reminder of the fact that if your do not do anything to develop your personality, your skills, your talent and your career now, you might have to live with regrets year after the opportunity to distinguish yourself have long pass. The worst Part is that you might not be able to do anything concerning these regrets.

There are reasons why we should be contented with our present status, it might be that we lack the immediate resources or the motivation to keep moving or to get better at what we do, well, I understand. However, the trick is this, if you can’t move forward, move anyways. Don’t stop moving because there is no way forward, make sure you create a space to move, don’t stand or sit still, don’t become inactive. It is not necessary that your get another degree or accumulating different professional Certificates before you can advance your career, “moving” could simply entails having a constant disposition to learning. It could mean attending forums, seminars, conferences, summits, shows etc. that can help you grow. It could simply mean attaching yourself to a mentor who you can learn from. Fortunately for our generation, we can learn anything through the internet. The internet is agog with different contents that can help us get the best out of our lives and career.  Please Keep Moving, your career depends on it.

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