(Written to speak against the recent incessant killings in Ikorodu, outskirt of Lagos, by the dreaded fraternity group
called BADOO who seem to have become more deadly than Boko 
Haram of the northern Nigeria)

…like death in its silent call
They break into the Dark, dark- eyed and
jazzed up with the black art;
…sees one, two, three and four, five, six,
pealed and exposed as chicks before the Hawks:
a nuclear dynasty dead-alive in this charcoal night,
and what goes on thereafter:

voodoo steals the air in powdered fragrance,
Silence begotten;
heads get smashed like kernels,
LIVES, si-LencedD!
and from the rains of cracked flesh They fetch from their honey well bathing white
scarfs Red hot with Virginia juices.
…and such is the finis of a generation whose swift silence is now meal for Carnal creatures.
…and like smoke they fade before the next tick-tock.

Black morning comes alive with mammoth wailers with tears full enough to pass for the red sea and on a thousand eyes are flames of fury
red hot and should the devils ever unclad;
the sword will sure walk them to meet their Hellish head
BUT this ink bleeds sore for it knows,
sure, that the insect that preys on the leaf eats from the inside
And O!
How long, Heaven, will DESPERADOES
turn the once sweet land into hell?
How long, beautiful heaven will eyes deadly weary cast off sleep in awe of night hunters night after night?
How often shall history be written
against ancient IKORODU for cruelty?

Guide us from darkness and make them
chase after selves.
Under your wings, keep safe the impeccant
And more I ask thee, Father;
Restore our pride and make our land
peaceful again where day was fun
and night was bliss.

Copyright 2017(Igiri Victor) Published
Sun, 07/16/2017 by Nigeriamasterweb.com